FarmVille Winter Workshop: Everything you need to know

Complete FarmVille Winter Workshop
Complete FarmVille Winter Workshop

The Winter Workshop is now available in FarmVille! This new constructable building is the first major step to the FarmVille holiday season and soon enough you'll be able to harvest special Holiday Gifts from the Winter Workshop for special use later (hint: they'll probably be used in quests).

This brand new building will most likely operate like the recent Halloween Candy Basket, requiring players to ask friends for parts to build it and upgrade it. As for the gifts, we imagine there will be a lot of sharing going around and not through the Gifts section.

Workin' on the Workshop

You'll get the base for the Winter Workshop for free the first time you play FarmVille after the game update, and you will immediately be entered into Placement Mode. You can place the Winter Workshop base on your farm now, or you can choose to place it in your Gift Box for use later.

You'll only be able to have one Winter Workshop at a time. If you sell yours and want another, you can find it in the Market in the "Buildings" tab for 5,000 coins. You'll need to be Level 5 in order to place and use the Winter Workshop.

Take a look after the break for more information about this winter fun factory from Zynga.