FarmVille Winter Wonderland Quest - Everything you need to know

To go along with today's release of the Winter Workshop in FarmVille, Zynga has launched a new quest in the farming game called the "Winter Wonderland" Quest. Before we go any further, however, please note that this feature will be rolling out to users over time, so if you don't have the quest right away, keep checking back.

For all of the details about this multi-part quest series, meet us behind the break.

The Winter Wonderland Quests are brought to us by a worker elf named Zing. He's determined to turn your farm into a Winter Wonderland, and if you help him achieve his goal, you'll earn free Snow and Lights for your farm. As you might have guessed, these Snow and Lights upgrades are just like the Spooky upgrades we saw at Halloween, and like those that were released last year in the game.

The first step of the Quest (called "Tis the Season") asks you to place the base of your Winter Workshop on your farm (many of you will have completed this step already, but for those that haven't, please check out our full guide to building the Winter Workshop). The other step is to purchase 1 Candy Arch, which is found under the decorations tab of the marketplace. You can either navigate there yourself, or you can click on the "Get Candy Arch" button in the question window, as seen below. This will isolate that one particular item in the store, and allow you to purchase it without searching for it. In this case, the Candy Arch costs 2,000 coins.

Once complete, this portion of the quest will reward you with 100 XP, 2,500 coins (thus paying you back for the purchase of the Arch, and then some), and a new Pine Tree. You'll also be able to share a Pine Tree with your friends via a wall post.

From there, you'll start the second step in the quest entitled "Under Construction," which asks you to change your Land to Snow (purchased for 1,000 coins from the market), place any four ingredients (Wooden Boards, Nails, or Bricks) into your Workshop, and get 6 Holiday Lights. You can do this by either unlocking the step for 10 Farm Cash, or you can post a news item to your wall asking your friends to send you a Holiday Light. If you're familiar with how these kinds of item requests work in FrontierVille, then you'll be right up to speed with this, as the Holiday lights work on a "share one get one for yourself" system. You'll receive these Lights in your Gift Box, and you'll need to click on them one by one to "add" them to your quest progress.

The rewards for this second quest are 250 experience points, 5,000 coins, and 1 Silver Nutcracker (can be shared with friends via another wall post).

Part III of the Winter Wonderland quest is called "Holly Red and Wintergreen" and it introduces the first truly time consuming portion to the mission. You'll need to complete 1 phase of your Winter Workshop, and then Harvest 100 plots of both Spinach and Strawberries (Strawberries are a four hour crop, while Spinach is a 14 hour crop).

The rewards for this third quest are 500 experience points, 7,500 coins, and a free Holly Arch (a decoration released last year as well) that you can also share with friends.

Finally, part IV of the Winter Wonderland quest is called "Get in the Spirit," and it asks you to Harvest from your Winter Workshop 2 times, and get 6 Cookies from friends via requests.

The rewards for this final portion are 1,000 experience points, 15,000 coins, and unlimited Snow and Lights access, allowing you to add lights and snow to any available building, tree, etc. that Zynga has currently (or in the future) programmed to allow to be decorated. If you didn't purchase this ability from the Winter Holiday theme last year, once you have been given it, it's assumed that you will be able to turn the lights and snow "off" after the holiday season has passed if you so choose. You won't be able to share this ability via a wall post, of course, so you'll be able to share a Reindeer instead.

And there you have it! Whether or not Zynga will add more quests to FarmVille in the future remains to be seen, but if this one works out well, we can only assume that they will, and with prizes like these, for such simple tasks, we really can't complain.

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Have you received your Winter Wonderland quests in FarmVille yet? Do you plan on tackling them, or do you not care about the exclusive rewards that are available therein? Share your thoughts on this new feature in the comments.

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