Bathroom Equity for Women Could Cost Taxpayers $200K

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker-in-waiting John Boehner, R-Oh, is determined to establish restroom gender equity, reports Erika Lovley in Politico.

Although that mission could cost taxpayers $200,000, Boehner has proposed building right off the House floor a bathroom facility for females. At the present time, female House members and their female staff have to leave the area in order to have access to a restroom. Males do not.

In the 112th Congress, there will be 71 women serving as House members. Showing them respect in this way could win Boehner allies. On the other hand, in this time of fiscal austerity, Boehner could be alienating the American taxpayer as well as members of the Republican party.

Shouldn't Boehner instead be calling for an equality of sacrifice? Perhaps male and female members of the House could rotate use of the bathroom facility right off the floor and that which is inconvenient. Everyone would turn out looking like a hero to their constituents, especially in photos showing how they are going the extra mile.

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