Woman Suing American Airlines for $15 Million Claiming Lizard in Her Airplane Meal

Pylon757, flickr

An American Airlines passenger has testified in federal court in New York she "wanted to die" after realizing she had chomped down on what she says was a lizard in her airplane chicken dinner.

Monserrate Luna, a beautician in Puerto Rico, has filed a $15 million suit against the airline over the creepy in-flight surprise.

Luna told the court she was eating the meal while watching a movie on an American flight from JFK to San Juan in 2003, and wasn't able to swallow the "mystery meat" so she spit it out, reports the New York Post.

She said her 5-year-old son confirmed she had eaten "an animal."

Luna claims she became ill after eating the meal.

American's lawyer, Kenneth Gormley claims the inedible mass was chicken skin, not a lizard. He said, "there may have been some feathers, or what looked like feathers...but there was no lizard."

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