'Weekend' Shrinks to 27 Hours, 17 Minutes

The "weekend" is a shrinking entity. That's because of the considerable time it takes to decompress from the stress of the workweek, the digital ties back to the office throughout the weekend, and the need to prepare for meetings and more for the return on Monday, reports the Daily Mail.

Right now, the average worker has about 27 hours and 17 minutes to enjoy during the so-called weekend, found a survey by hotel chain Premier Inn. It's not until about 12:38PM on Saturday and only until 3:35PM on Sunday tha there is any sense of relaxation and pleasure. That timeframe could downsize even more as employers, clients, and customers foist their demands on the worker over the weekend. That period for rest is no longer perceived or treated as sacred.

Some workers already have no weekend. One in 10 notes that there's no stopping working at all over the supposed two-day break. Worse, some workers actually have to go into the office. That time reporting back in at their desks can add up to almost three full workweeks annually.

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