Ronni Chasen: Dying for Attention?

Murdered Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen had been paid top dollar to get attention for her clients. A public relations pro as skilled as she was could turn any kind of attention, good or bad, into something useful for clients.

Since her murder in Los Angeles is unsolved, speculation is running wild if she wound up dying for attention. It's rare in the public relations business for this to happen. Usually it's only journalists, working for relative peanuts, who get attention for a cause and pay for it with their lives.

The mystery surrounding Chasen's murder deepened last Wednesday, reports The Wall Street Journal. That's when police went to a seedy part of town to question a man known only as 'Harold.' The gossip mill claimed he had boasted about being the paid hit man to gun down Chasen as she drove in her car. As police approached, 'Harold' shot himself to death.

Until more is discovered about why Chasen was murdered, some other highly paid publicists are probably replaying their activities on behalf of clients. Did they tick someone or some group off, they might be asking themselves.