Qantas Takes Preliminary Legal Action Against Rolls-Royce


Qantas Airways (QUBSF) took preliminary steps towards legal action against Rolls-Royce over the grounding of the airline's fleet of Airbus A380s.

Qantas filed a preliminary action in Australian federal court, allowing the company to pursue legal action is the airline isn't satisfied with the offer of compensation from Rolls-Royce, The New York Times reported.

"Today's action allows Qantas to keep all options available to the company to recover losses, as a result of the grounding of the A380 fleet and the operational constraints currently imposed on A380 services," Qantas said in a statement.

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Today, Australian regulators recommended further safety checks on the Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines used in Airbus A380s jets. The regulators said that a potential manufacturing defect may have caused a Trent 900 engine to explode last month during a flight from Singapore to Sydney, Australia.

The defect could allow oil to leak into hot parts of the engine, where it can ignite.

The explosion scattered debris across an Indonesian island and forced the plane to return to Singapore.

Josh Rosenstock, a Rolls-Royce spokesman, declined to comment to The New York Times.