Playboy Party on Facebook: Make Hefner proud of a never-ending bash

Playboy Party loading screen
While we're unsure as to how many people would want to share their Playboy experience on Facebook, the new Playboy Party by Dublin-based Jolt Online hopes to test that. In this surely NSFW social game, players will assume the role of a "playboy." With connections to hilarious celebrity parodies and a growing list of Playboy playmates, your job is to throw the ultimate party. And did we mention that this party never stops? Ever?

Check behind the break for more about this sexy social game, but be warned: potentially NSFW (Not Safe For Work) images await.

Playboy Party in action

Playboy playmate photoAfter customizing their playboy or playgirl, players will start immediately in the party with the initial task of filling up the drink bar and turning on some new tunes, both of which are done with the click of a button. These two, well, resources need to be maintained at all times to ensure that your party is at 100 percent coolness, which is displayed via a convenient meter to the right of the screen. Filling up your drinks uses coins while getting new tunes to play expends Energy. Refill both of these resources by greeting and throwing out new guests as well as leveling up.

That's all well and fun, but things escalate from their rather quickly. In order to get more guests to attend your party you'll have to invite some V.I.P.s. Through the cell phone icon on the task bar, you can invite playmates you've unlocked through leveling up (pictured right... obviously). While their avatars all look identically unappealing in the game world, these are real-life Playboy playmates, some of which come with exclusive photos and legacy covers from Playboy Magazine.
But using the same cell phone can also dial the numbers of some hilarious celebrity parodies (pictured below) such as Leslie Loman and Madame Blah Blah. Unfortunately, all they really do is stand there and look not-so-pretty--in-game. Both inviting guests and faux celebrities costs coins, which again are restored by greeting and throwing out guests. But let's talk more about throwing out guests.

Playboy Party Celebrity Guest
From time to time, players will encounter an unwanted stereotype such as a Nerd, Paparazzi or Frat Boy. Throwing these guests out promptly rather than greeting them will result in coins and the overall safety of your bash's coolness factor. Guests can also get wasted, forcing you to remove them. But only the stereotypically unwanted guests will appear in your Pranks menu, which can be found by clicking the jack-in-the-box icon. You can then send these losers to your friends' parties to put a hitch into their ongoing celebrations.

Playboy Level-Up
Players can gift each other decorations, Energy and other items as well as buy them from the game's store. Premium decorations and other boosts are bought through Playboy Cash, Playboy Party's paid currency. As players progress they'll be able to increase the size and look of their party through a selection of items for coins and Playboy Cash. Oddly enough, it's almost impossible to run out of Energy, which is used to do almost everything in the game (it replenishes some every few minutes), though if it does you can easily get more from friends' gifts or through the store for Playboy Cash.

The game doesn't blow minds visually nor does its gameplay, but the draw here from the start was clearly intended to be the playmate photos and legacy magazine covers. To be honest, you don't need much else other than that to attract a legion of sex-crazed men.

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