Oh, No: Another Craigslist Ad Specifying 'Young'

This time the Craigslist help wanted is for a social media expert who is young. The location is Syosset, in Long Island, N.Y..

The last time was about two weeks ago. That particular Craiglist help wanted was for entry level position in recycling that was to be filled by someone who was also young. The location was Rockaway, N.J. When AOL Jobs outed that violation of not discriminating in hiring on the basis of age, about 165,000 people clicked on. They left more than 200 comments.

Yet, it's happening again. And this is in an era when employment lawsuits are surging, reports The New York Times. Obviously, small and medium-sized businesses in America need a human resources consultant who has down cold employment law. Also, one wonders why Craigslist would publish help wanted ads that discriminate against those not young. The 76 million baby boomers, many of who want to or have to keep employed, might not welcome that at all.

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