NightClub City celebrates Tron with avatar clothing promotion

With Disney's acquisition of Playdom earlier this year, many might have assumed that the only "Disney" presence we would seen in Facebook games would be in those coming from Playdom itself, but that assumption has been proven wrong this week as Booyah! and Disney Interactive Entertainment (Disney's video game development studio) have partnered to bring a multi-tiered Tron: Evolution promotion to NightClub City.

While Tron-themed parties, and even a "Tron City" club location will be coming to the game soon, so far, the promotion sees users being offered a chance at 8 free avatar clothing items (four for boy avatars and four for girl avatars) if they watch a trailer for Tron Evolution: The Video Game.

Each time you watch the trailer, which lasts around 30 seconds, you'll earn a single item from the set of eight. This means that you'll need to watch the trailer multiple times in order to gain access to all of the items, but since the trailer is so short, and can be muted entirely and still count, it doesn't really take that long, or cause that much of an inconvenience to collect them all.

When all is said and done, you'll walk away with a free shirt, pants, shoes and hair piece that will make your avatar look like they've walked right off of the set of the movie (or out of the game).

Make sure to check back with us as Booyah! and Disney expand the Tron theme in NightClub City, but for now, let us know what you think of this promotion in the comments. Will you watch a quick trailer to earn exclusive items for your in-game avatar?

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