New FarmVille Crop: Winter Holiday Poinsettia


If you decided to pass on the Candy Canes in FarmVille, but still want to grow a holiday-themed crop this December, you can now do so with the re-release of the limited edition Poinsettia crop in the game's store. Farmers that were playing the game last year will remember this crop from last year's Winter Holiday event.

Like last year, the Poinsettia can be grown for just 45 coins per square, and you'll gain 3 experience points for each square planted, which is actually a large number when compared to other crops. The Poinsettia grows for a full day and is then sold for 126 coins. It can be mastered, with the first star of mastery coming at 500 harvests.

If you did choose to purchase the Candy Cane permit in FarmVille, however, don't worry about running out of time to master this crop, as the Poinsettias will be available in the store until the end of January, giving you plenty of time to master both crops with little trouble.

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Will you grow the Poinsettia flower in FarmVille? Were you around to grow it last year? Share your thoughts on these pretty flowers in the comments.