Looking for Stocking Stuffers? Here Are Some 'As Seen On TV'

As Seen On TV items are gifts of love and laughs. And if they work as promised, so much the better.

I've put together a list of small As Seen On TV items I like and that will fit perfectly into your holiday stocking. Get these stocking stuffers for the people in your life who lean toward kitsch and love a giggle.Bumpits: $6 in Stores

Bumpits are plastic hair inserts for the glam queen in your life who wants to turn flat hair into big, fabulous hair.

Just tease, spray and fan hair over the inserts that somehow sit securely on your head. They also lift up French twists and half ponytails.

Cold Fire: $32 for Two Cans Including Shipping and Handling

As Seen on TV stocking stuffersIf you're lighting holiday candles and yule logs, you should have one or three cans of Cold Fire around, a fire hose-in-a-can that puts out small fires with ease. Just point and shoot, and kitchen flare-ups and fabric fires flame out in an instant.

However, Cold Fire can misfire, so my fire consultant, David Soler of Maryland, says always have a backup plan: Buy two or three.

The Furminator DeShedding Tool: $18-$25 in stores

If you've got a shedding dog with a double coat, throw the Furminator into your holiday stocking.

This little deshedding tool rakes clouds of undercoat from your sweltering pet. Rover will thank you, and so will your carpet.

"The Best of the Dean Martin Variety Show:" $20, plus Shipping and Handling.
Dean Martin's 1-hour DVD is an entertainment time capsule that conjures visceral memories of velvety voices, trails of cigarette smoke rising in hot lights, and booze-soaked breath seeping through the TV set whenever Martin slur-sang, "Everybody loves somebody sometime ...."

"The Dean Martin Variety Show" started in 1965, and for nine years Martin played court jester to Hollywood royalty. "The Best of" DVD shows:
-- Goldie Hawn at the beginning of her career infecting audiences with her full throttle giggle.
-- Frank Sinatra in his self-parodying middle years, still making that old black magic.
-- Bob Newhart, the consummate professional trying to keep Dean on script and in the scene.
-- Jimmy Stewart, Ann-Margret and Dom DeLuise working beside and despite Martin, who arrived unrehearsed each week to capture the spontaneity of the moment.

The website sells the DVDs as part of a subscription package. But distributor Guthy-Renker told Consumer Ally they will sell just the first DVD in the set for $19.95 plus $3.99 for shipping and handling if you call them at 877-835-0075.
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