Celebrate Winter in City of Wonder with new Christmas items


Playdom is ushering in the holiday season in fashion in City of Wonder, by releasing a series of Winter and Christmas themed items to the game's store and featured items page.

As of this writing, there aren't that many items available in the game's store, but you can pick up an Ice Skating Rink for 16,000 coins which is a cultural item adding 850 Happiness Points to your town.

Other items are limited edition and are the Christmas Tree and Ice Angel. Both are premium items, available for either 24 or 34 Gold, respectively. Each of these items will reward you with quite a bit of Happiness Points, ranging from with the Christmas Tree being worth 2660 Happiness Points, and the Ice Angel giving off 2500.

Finally, you can make sure that all of your friends get into the holiday spirit by sending them free items from the game's free gifts page. As of this writing, there are two themed items available - the Snowman and the Snow Couple. Both are decorative terrain items, but they are sure to add a cute, whimsical touch to your City of Wonder experience this Christmas.

If history tells us anything, this won't be the last set of Christmas or Winter themed items released in City of Wonder, and we'll be sure to let you know if and when Playdom decides to expand on the theme any further.

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Will you deck out your City of Wonder for the holidays, or are you more comfortable with a look of realism in your town, without snow people and decorated trees? Let us know in the comments.