10 Smart Holiday Gifts for Less Than $15

A christmas scene with stockings - smart holiday giftsParents often worry that the toys and other gifts their kids want for the holidays will turn their brains or body to mush. And so, for those who think a singing plush toy isn't the best they can do for their children, WalletPop turned to Lindsay Gaskins, CEO of Marbles: The Brain Store for some smart and thrifty gift ideas.

Gaskins sent us recommendations for gift items for kids (and adults) under $15. And in case there's any doubters about the fun factor of brain teasers, a recent visit to Marbles in Chicago kept two teenage girls (12 and 15) and one overgrown boy/45-year-old man enthusiastically busy for the better part of an hour.

Pocket Posh Game Book -- $7.99. For the brainy fashionista in your life. There's an entire series of Pocket Posh Game books, including one just for young girls.3D Puzzle White House -- $14.99. Yes, that White House! Build a cardboard model of your own.

Brain Box -- All Around The USA -- $14.99. Memory game for the whole family.

Call-It! -- $14.99. Created by actress Daryl Hannah, also known as the mermaid in the '80s movie, Splash. Named one of the 10 best toys by Dr. Toy, this also makes for a fun game night with the kids.

Marbles Mind Music -- $12.99. Gives your brain a nice workout and makes a nice hostess gift.

Marbles Mind Putty -- $10.99. This nontoxic putty bends, mushes and changes colors like a mood ring.

Marbles Tic Tac Two -- $9.99. Put a new twist on tic tac toe. The board moves and shifts, turning an often boring game into a challenge. And it's great for travel.

Muscle Joe Piperoid -- $13.99. Paper robot sets wildly popular in Japan and finally available in the U.S.

Rubick's Cube -- $14.99. Always a classic.

Spot It! -- $12.99 -- a fun, fast-thinking, great portable game that increases visual perception.
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