YoVille Level-Up Challenge: Move on up to win an iPad or YoCash

YoVille Level-Up Challenge
YoVille fiends, lend us your eyes. An intense contest has landed in YoVille, the Level-Up Challenge, for only the most dedicated of fans. Through Jan. 5, 2011, any player who gains 20 levels by that time will automatically and randomly selected to win one of five iPads. A fat wad of YoCash--300, to be exact--awaits 45 runners-up.

If you ask us, that's an impressive prize to win just for playing the game like you normally would. Well, of course you'll be playing a lot more than normal, but is that necessarily a bad thing? You can also enter the sweepstakes via snail mail, according to the official contest rules, but where's the fun there? The winners will be notified three days after the contest ends with an official announcement coming Jan. 12. You have a little over a month to gain 20 levels, so get to playing if you want one of those nifty iPads all the cool kids are talking about.

How fast do you think you can level up in YoVille? Do you have any tips on how to level faster? Spill the beans in the comments. Add Comments.
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