Top 10 Best Wedding Locations

best wedding locations

Like so many things in life, the perfect wedding for you and your spouse-to-be depends heavily on location, location, location. You want it to be special for both of you, and, almost as importantly, look fantastic in the photos you will surely treasure for the rest of your lives (and post on Facebook to make your exes jealous). The best wedding locations are often unexpected places, like a rose farm you didn't know was 45 minutes from your house, or an island in the Caribbean you never realized offers everything of which you ever dreamed.

Here are the Top 10 Best Wedding Locations to get your creative juices flowing.

1. House of Worship

This is the traditional place to be wed, and when it comes to weddings and best wedding locations, traditions are integral. Whether it's the church your parents went to our another beautiful place of worship you've stumbled across in your travels, nothing emphases the spirituality of your union like being in a religious or spiritual sanctuary.

2. Beach

Beach weddings definitely make for some of the prettiest pictures -- not that that's everything, but it's something. Furthermore, you get romatic accompaniment of the crashing waves, the fresh, salty air, and the graceful, calming motion of the scenery. Add a sunset, and your vows will truly feel eternal.

3. Farm

This may seem like an odd choice (especially to city folks), but a farm can definitely be one of the best wedding locations. You can be wed in a beautiful green field dotted with lovely yellow marigolds, out in an orange grove or apple orchard, or amongst the flowers on a beautiful rose farm. Look for a farm with great buildings, like a big red barn and lovely farmhouse to add quaint charm to your celebration.

4. Fabulous Hotel

Keyword: fabulous. A hotel wedding can be good or it can be horrifically average. Be sure if you're going with a hotel, it's one where your guests will enter a beautiful lobby and where elegant food will be served. Hotels can offer you deals on rooms for your out-of-town guests, a honeymoon suite, and take care of all the details of your wedding for you like linens, tables, chairs and the rest -- they have them all the time! Experience secures hotels' place among the best wedding locations for sure.

5. Your Parents' Backyard

If you get along well with your parents, this can be a cost-effective and wonderfully personal option. If you don't, this is absolutely the worst option you can choose. Run.

6. Country Club

Even if you're not a member, the local country club or athletic club, exclusive though it may be, would probably love to host your wedding. Money is money, and like hotels, country clubs do weddings exceptionally well. You may have to find a "sponsor," but all that means is someone to vouch for you and say that you're, for whatever reason, "worthy" of being wed at their club. If you don't know any members, or if the club is truly elite, this may not be an option.

7. Art Gallery or Theater

If you love art, a haven for art like a gallery or theater may be one of the best wedding locations for you! These types of facilities love to bring in a little extra cash, and you'll feel good knowing that your wedding dollars went to support a cause you love.

8. Ballroom or Event Space

Ballrooms and event spaces are traditional choices for weddings, and are often the most flexible if you have a certain idea in mind for how your wedding should look, sound and feel. They are also likely to really want your wedding, and throw in all kinds of freebies and extras to get you there.

9. On a Yacht

If you're having a small wedding (or have a really, really big yacht), why not be wed right out on the water? It will give your wedding a magical, intimate feel that can't be achieved by any other means. Just be sure you have Dramamine to pass out if any of your guests aren't experienced sailors.

10. In a Park

Call your local Parks & Recreation entity to inquire about the best wedding locations in your local park system. Like on farms, park weddings can be enchantingly green and serene, with the added bonus of scenic overlooks, varying plant life, fountains and all kinds of beautiful pavilions and landscaping. A park has the added benefit of being an easy place to return to with your intended on your anniveraries for years to come.

Honorable mention: elope in Las Vegas or at City Hall. If it's right for you, it's right for you -- but those pictures won't be nearly as enviable.

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