Social City North Pole expansion comes with homey winter buildings

North Pole Expansion
North Pole Expansion

It looks like the snow is coming in early for Playdom as the company just expanded the North Pole district in Social City to its max size for everyone at absolutely no cost. Though, we doubt it had much to do with snow and rather more to do with the bunch of new buildings that were added in a recent update.

To start, players can gift one another the new Snowy Log Hut, which will provide 75 citizens every six hours, for free. To accompany the log hut are a few more log buildings (and some that are extra sweet) including:

  • Gingerbread House 1 (9,000 coins): 100 Population every 4 hours

  • Gingerbread House 2 (12 City Bucks): 100 Population every 4 hours

  • Gingerbread House 3 (9,000 coins): 400 Population every 4 hours

  • Snowy Log Cabin (10,000 coins): 125 Population every 6 hours

  • Snowy Log Home (15,000 coins): 175 Population every 6 hours

  • Snowy A-Frame 1 (20,000 coins): 500 Population every 2 days

  • Snowy A-Frame 2 (50,000 coins): 800 Population every 2 days

  • Snowy A-Frame 3 (10 City Bucks): 1,200 Population every 2 days

  • Snowy Underhill Home 1, 2 and 3 (25,000 coins each): 250 Population every 6 hours

  • Snowy Underhill Home 5 (16 City Bucks): 250 Population every 6 hours

In addition to more log cabins than anyone will probably ever need, Playdom also updated the game with an interesting change. According to the forum post, Facebook users who do not play Social City will now be able to see "Likes" referring to Districts in Social City. Considering this type of publishing was shut down a little while back, we'll see how long this feature lasts. Also included in the update were new holiday-themed attractions like the Snowy Clock Tower, which will give players 42,000 Happiness and 500 coins every four hours for 39 City Bucks. Other animated items include Santa's Toy Emporium, an item that for 29 City Bucks will grant your people 32,000 Happiness and 12,000 coins every five days. A good amount of these items are limited edition, so act quick if you want your city to fit the winter look.

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