Restaurant City Free Gifts get a sweet overhaul in time for the holidays

If you've been waiting for a larger variety of items to be available to send as free gifts in Restaurant City, now is the time to log into Playfish's cooking game, as they have completed updated the set of ingredients and decorative items that are now available to send to friends.

The new ingredients are the Chili, Sweet Corn, Peach, Apple, Rice, Leek, Kiwi, and Pumpkin. The new decorative items mostly go along with the new Candy theme that has launched in the game this evening (check out our guide to this theme right here), while there are also some Christmas or holiday items available to send as well. In total, there are eight new items available to send:

Candy Jar
Tea Cakes Towers
Red Present
Toy Figurine
Sweet Pot
Colorful Crystals
Pink Heart Window
Candy Swirl

All of the items aside from the Candy Swirl are Restaurant items, meaning that they are added to your regular inventory and can be used inside your restaurant. The Candy Swirl, however, is a Street Item, that can only be used to decorate the outside of your restaurant.

With the holiday season now quickly approaching, make sure to log into Restaurant City frequently to make sure you don't miss out on any of these sweet free gifts.

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Will you go out of your way to collect these new decorative free gifts? Let us know what you think of the new selection of items in the comments.