Odd Scholarships Can Reward You for Being Weird

a fire eater is a good candidate for an odd scholarshipScholarships can be a helpful way to reduce how much you owe on your tuition bill, but a high grade point average, student leadership, and athletic talent won't be enough to win these odd scholarships. Here are some scholarships with unique requirements.

Star Trek Inspired
The Klingon Language Institute offers a $500 Kor Memorial Scholarship to graduates and undergraduates studying linguistics. While you do not have to be fluent in Klingon, the institute prefers "creative and innovative" applications.

For members of Starfleet, the International Star Trek Fan Association, INC., there are a number of Star Trek-themed scholarships including the LeVar Burton Educational Scholarship and the George Takei International Studies Scholarship. Click here for a full list of scholarshipsLoving or Avoiding Meat
The National Beef Ambassador Program is a national speech contest that rewards contestants for their efforts to promote beef consumption in their communities. Winners of the contest receive scholarships and spend the next calender year promoting the "positive impact the cattle industry has on our economy and families." Check the website for a full list of requirements.

The Vegetarian Resource Group offers two $5,000 scholarships for students who do not eat any meat, fish or poultry and have promoted vegetarianism in their community. High school seniors graduating in the spring of 2011 are eligible. Applicants should submit an essay highlighting how you promoted vegetarianism in your community. Completed applications are due Feb. 20, 2011.

Quirky Skills
The Chick & Sophie Major Memorial Scholarship Duck Calling Contest rewards high school students with the unique ability to sound like a duck. The contest is free to enter and requires the participant to showcase their duck calls in person at the annual Duck Festival in Stuttgart, Ark. Road trip anyone?

The American Fire Sprinkler Association sponsors 10 $2,000 scholarship and five $1,000 scholarships for participating in a reading comprehension activity listed on its website. To enter the scholarship contest, first students must read an essay titled "Fire Sprinkler Essay." Students then answer 10 reading comprehension questions about the essay. For every correct answer the student is entered into a drawing for one of the scholarships. Students in Georgia, Connecticut, and Virginia are eligible for additional scholarships.

Don't see a scholarship that fits you? More unique scholarships can be found at WalletPop and at Fastweb.com.
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