Holiday Shopping for Guys - Get Your Man Cave Here

lady giving man a gift - holiday gift giving for guysIt's typical for retailers to think of most customers as women, but when it comes to spending, it's the guys doling out more. And with some of the hottest holiday goods considered typically male, this female-focused marketing seems a bit out of date or misplaced. There's a real trend today of retailers marketing traditional male products to women but what about the men?

The National Retail Federation estimates that men will spend approximately $20 more than women on Christmas presents this year. Men typically wait longer to shop while women are most likely to get an early start and take advantage of Black Friday deals, according to NRF.So when a Sears spokesman sent a message promoting ways men can reward themselves for holiday shopping, it was, as Oprah might say, a lightbulb moment. Sears is has reduced prices on items for a gameroom including:
  • Heritage Slate Pool Table -- $1544.49 (Original Price: $1,999.99)
  • Quantum Table Tennis -- $499.99 (Original Price: $599.99)
  • East Point Sports 3 in 1 Swivel Table -- $399.99 (Original Price $599.99)
  • Air Power Hockey -- $349.99 (Original Price $499.99)
Sears has even dedicated a portion of its website, called Sears' Ultimate Game Room, with guides to help you turn an empty space into a game room, or tips on how to buy a pool table.

It's not a bad way to woo the guys into stores, or at least entice them to spend that $20 more this holiday season.
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