Hillary Clinton: Losing Her Job in Wikigate?

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could be forced to resign or be outright fired. That's what Julian Assange, WikiLeaks founder, speculates in this video interview with Time magazine should happen if.

For Assange, that "if" concerns if the documents leaked by his site conclusively prove that Clinton has been responsible for an order to U.S. diplomats to moonlight as spies at the United Nations. Such an order would be in violation of the international convenants that the United States has signed. It also undermines the credibility and power of U.S. diplomats whose role is creating points of common agreement between their nation and others -- not spying. This expose, if accurate, is more astounding that the outing of the Russian spies in suburban New Jersey.

Among other influential media, Politico has been looking at the implications of Wikigate through, yes, the actions of Hillary Clinton. As most of you know, already 251,287 U.S. State Department cables have been made public, with more to come. Ideally, the media would like a big fish to be caught amidst all those high-level communications.

So, you wonder: Could Clinton really be made the "fall guy?" She wouldn't be the first in American history to be forced to take the heat to help the nation move on. Think Lyndon Johnson and the legacy of Vietnam.

If Clinton falls, she will wind up with plenty of company from other fields. Here you have a situation of serial document dumping. The next leaking could concern a major bank. Some posit it could be Bank of America. Business has a track record of specializing in designating scapegoats.

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