New FrontierVille Mystery Animal Crates ready to butt heads (literally)

Mystery Animals
Mystery Animals

If you were at all worried about your options when it came to adorable animals to collect, have no fear. Zynga just added yet another set of Mystery Animals to FrontierVille. Coming in a barrel rather than a crate, actually, you can have one of three varieties of Ram, Chipmunk and Armadillo for 50 Horseshoes. Here are all nine animals you might find inside:

  • White, Black or Pink Ram

  • Brown, Beige or Blue Chipmunk

  • Tan, White or Prismatic Armadillo

Honestly, I don't think any Mystery Animal ever will be able to beat the Prismatic Armadillo. It's one step away from Happy Pets' psychedelic pets. Unfortunately, there are no special versions of these Mystery Animals to be found in Goals, but any one of these critters would make for an awww-inducing addition to the homestead. The question is are you willing to risk $6 on getting an animal you might not want?

Excited to have even more options this holiday season for cute Christmas creatures? Which one do you hope to find in a barrel? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.