Fat Rolls: Weighty Issues in Job of Shoplifting

With loss prevention going high tech and so many more human security guards hired for the holidays, the job of shoplifting has gotten, well, challenging. Two women in Edmond, Okla., thought they had the ideal solution, reports Bobbie Miller at the Orlando Sentinel.

Aline Brown, 28, and Shmeco Thomas, 37, worked as a shoplifting team in TJ Maxx. Together they stuffed $2,600 worth of merchandise in their rolls of belly fat, beneath their breasts, and inside their armpits. Their loot included four pairs of boots, three pairs of jeans, a wallet, and gloves. What a nice fat haul that could have been.

But it turned out to be a bad day on the job for the two. TJ Maxx security guard James Hamm discerned that the bulky shoppers had more than simply weighty issues. Edmond police were called. The women face felony charges.

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