Boss Requires Female Workers Wear Red Bracelets During Menstrual Cycle

In Norway, a boss mandates female employees wear red bracelets during their menstrual cycles, reports Daily Mail. That practice is just one of various oddball tactics in that nation to improve productivity.

Others include using electronic key cards for restrooms in order to monitor the frequency and duration of visits there. Then there was the low tech approach of placing a "visitor's book" outside the toilet facilities.

All this came to light when a labor union in Norway put together a report about abusive toilet rules among some of the nation's employers. The red bracelet requirement was adopted in order for the employer to keep track of workers who had a legitimate reason to use the restroom more during a particular time span.

Of course, such productivity strategies would result in a class action lawsuit in the United States. You have to wonder what kind of remedy workers will demand from their bosses in Norway, now that the story is out.

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