Top Ten Holiday Part-Time Jobs

Looking for a part-time job over the holidays? Now that Thanksgiving has passed the shopping season is in full swing, but no worries, many stores are still adding staff in order to keep up with the season's increased demand.

Most holiday opportunities are in (or related to) retail but the the good news is that there's something for everyone on our list of the top ten part-time holiday jobs.

1. Package Handler/Driver's Helper, UPS

A busy shopping season makes for a busy shipping season and to keep up with demand UPS needs thousands of extra package handlers and driver's helpers. In many areas they're still hiring and perks include a variety of 4hr shifts to choose from (early mornings, evenings or nights) and a "world class" benefits package for part-time staff.

2. Retail, Nordstrom

Even during the recession Nordstrom managed to scrape by without laying off a single employee, and they did so while providing a generous benefits package to part-timers and creating a culture that earned them spot #53 on Fortune's 100 best companies to work for.

3. Package Handler or Customer Service Rep, FedEx

After laying off less than 1% of its workforce during the recession FedEx has rebounded nicely, reinstating merit salary increases, hiring new staff, and being as busy as ever this holiday season transporting and delivering packages.

4. Santa or Santa's Helper, Various

Working as a Santa, Santa's helper, Elf, or photographer is the ultimate in feel-good employment. What better, more festive way to spend your time earning money than making children and families smile and create precious new memories at Christmas?

5. Barista, Starbucks

Starbucks has been on Fortune's Best 100 list for years and they love their part-timers. Known for fostering a cheerful and fun work environment they're all about keeping those holiday shoppers energized and offer their employees flexible scheduling and benefits that include free coffee every week.

6. Retail, Best Buy

Televisions, computers, and tech gadgets are among the most popular gifts come Christmastime so it's no wonder Best Buy is among the biggest hirer of seasonal staff and looking to add as many as 29,000 new employees. If you like gadgets and tech it could be a fun way to earn extra cash.

7. Retail, JCPenney

Retail is a hot spot during the holiday spending season and not only does JCPenney plan to be as busy as the next store but they have locations everywhere and offer a variety of part-time opportunities from call center to cashier. Plus for those who stay on they have a great part-time benefits package.

8. Retail,Toys"R"Us

If everything retail is going to be crazy busy why not work where you're surrounded by bright colors and the joys of childhood? And it helps that Toys"R"Us is doubling its workforce by adding 45,000 workers in order to staff as many as 600 pop-up stores in malls around the country.

9. Retail, Build-A-Bear Workshop

Indulge your inner child by working in a place where, of all things, Teddy Bears are created and born. Build-A-Bear Workshop is also on Fortune's 100 Best list (#80) and with 80% of their employees being part-time you know they'll value your contribution.

10. Retail, Kohl's

Hiring 40,000 new employees for the 2010 holiday season they're among the biggest seasonal hirers this year and depend on holiday sales for as much as 30% of annual profits. Plus, since they carry a little bit of everything, the employee discount could come in especially handy.

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