Social City: Create a home for Santa in the new North Pole District


Attention Mayors! If you're looking for a sure-fire way to put yourself into the Christmas spirit, then check out the newest addition in Social City - the launch of a new free district to players that comes in the form of the North Pole.

Let me say this again, all users now have a new free district to play around in. Not only that, but the land is covered in snow, the starter items are trees that are also covered in the fluffy white stuff, you have a large, literal North Pole surrounded by gifts, and even two Gingerbread Houses that provide residents to your town. What's more, Santa and his troop of reindeer fly through the sky at random - how cool is that!?

Sure, we may be a bit over-excited at the thought of having a Christmas-themed land in Social City, but Playdom must be just as excited, as they have created an entirely new store for the North Pole district, filled with snow covered versions of some of the game's previous items (like the Windmill or Chocolate shop), and all new items, like a Xmas Post Office, Hot Chocolate Shop, and a whole series of snow covered Log Cabins and various Gingerbread-themed goodies.

Don't worry about running out of space up at the North Pole either, as today Playdom announced that they have automatically increased the size of the North Pole district for all players to 27x27 squares, giving you plenty of room for massive snow ball fights, and whatever winter-themed fun you can imagine.

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Have you already claimed your free North Pole district in Social City? What do you think of the themed items that have been added to the store?