Social City: Spin to win Christmas items in new raffle


If you're as excited about the new North Pole District in Social City as we are, you're probably looking for any additional ways to add themed items to your winter playground. In comes a new holiday-themed raffle to solve this need, as you now have a chance to add 7 more winter-themed items to your North Pole district, by simply spinning to win.

This newest raffle is available via Featured section of the game's store. It costs 8 City Bucks for each individual spin you'd like to do, and there are six items that can be won, at random, for each spin. As usual, there is no guarantee that you won't land on a duplicate item on subsequent spins, so if you're looking to collect all six, you'll either need to be extremely lucky (to land on each item only once, taking just six spins), or be willing to spend a lot of City Bucks to make sure you get them all.

If you are a lucky player that collects all six items, you'll be rewarded with the grand prize - Santa's Workshop, an incredibly decorated and highly animated leisure item that will add 43,000 Happiness Points to your town.

Just as most raffles are time limited, we're guessing that this raffle will only be around as long as the holidays, so start spinning now for your chance to add some exclusive Christmas spirit to your North Pole!

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Will you take a chance on the Christmas raffle in Social City, or will you just stick with the items that are available in the store? Let us know in the comments.

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