Restaurant City Challenges: Everything you need to know

Restaurant City Challenges
Restaurant City Challenges

Just in time for everyone's favorite season of the year (yes, I'm speaking for all of you because it is that awesome), there's a brand new feature available in Restaurant City called Challenges. Much like Goals in Cafe World and FrontierVille, these are specific missions that will reward players with items, coins and more once completed.

As new Challenges become available they'll appear in the sidebar of your game while a trophy icon on the task bar will take you directly to the new Challenge Menu (pictured). But what's most unique about these Challenges is that they'll reset at midnight daily, making every new Challenge another reason to log in daily (as if you needed any more). As you progress through these daily tasks you'll frequently be notified of your progress through mini notifications--the Challenge Menu will also update in real time.

Another interesting feature to Playfish's take on Challenges is that it'll be making heavy use of its forums to guide you along in your various quests through hints and free gifts. Currently there are two holiday-themed Challenges in the game, which were added as part of the game's sweetest (literally) theme, Candy Factory Week. Check out this post to find out more about Restaurant City's first two Challenges and get to solving those mysteries.

What do you think of the new Challenges in Restaurant City? Aside from daily quests, what else do you look for in a social game? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.