Restaurant City Candy Factory Week feeds the sweet tooth

Cnady Factory Week
Been hankering for something sugary since spending all your coins shopping? Well, Playfish might be able to help with through Restaurant City's Candy Factory Week going on right now. This week-long theme brings a slew of sweet decorations, recipes and even a Challenge for us to complete.

Since this is Restaurant City, let's start with the new recipes: Sugar Rush and Snowflake Cake. The former requires three Candy ingredients and one lone Sugar to learn, but mastering it will reward players with the Candy Maker functional item. Only available through Dec. 13, the Candy Maker will net you 1,800 coins every four hours. The latter is a simpler dish, only requiring one Vanilla, Cream and Egg and doesn't reward anything other than being delicious. (Though, it does have a particularly important purpose.)

Check behind the break for a look at the new items, decorations and Challenges in this week's theme.
Restaurant City Candy Week updates
There are several other functional items and decorations to collect like the Super Sweet Drink Dispenser, which serves drinks 18 percent faster than other machines, and the Bubble Gum Stove, an stove that cooks four percent faster and blows bubbles in the process. As for the decorations, everything is included to turn your restaurant into the next Wonka Chocolate Factory from Lollipop Trees to Candy Kings and Candy Pixie Workers that all look awfully inspired by the classic movie.
Restaurant City Challenge Elf Service
The first new Challenge in this week's theme, "Elf Service," involves helping a group of hungry elves who have had all their Snowflake Cake stolen from them. What you need to do is master the Snowflake Cake, feed 100 of these starving present engineers and find out who stole all of the Snowflake Cakes. Head Chef Maggie will be helping you out in the forums daily, so be sure to check back in for clues.
Restaurant City Challenge Present Hunt
Your second mission, titled "Present Hunt!," tasks you with finding 100 presents on Gourmet Street and in your friends' restaurants. After that, you'll have to find out who was up to such as dastardly deed as to slow Santa's mission down, which of course Maggie will available to help out with. Both Challenges should be available by clicking their relevant icons on the home screen, which are an elf and a snow globe, respectively.
Restaurant City Presents
That's quite a lot of content to truck through, so you better get started before it all goes away in preparation for a predictably chillier theme. Find more details on all of the changes and updates this week on the Restaurant City Blog.

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What do you think of Candy Factory Week in Restaurant City? What tasks will you be tackling first? Speak out in the comments. Add Comment.
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