New York Night Life

New York Night Life

The New York night life scene pulses through the city's arteries without missing a beat seven days a week. After the sun sets, the lights come on for anyone seeking their night life comfort zone: young or old, hip or square, gay or straight, resident or visitor. No need to worry about naming a designated driver; New York's famed taxi and public transportation systems will drop you steps from pretty much any place you desire.

New York night life encompasses myriad after-dark activities.

Want to catch a play? There's Broadway, off-Broadway, off-off-Broadway and even plenty of street performers.

Do your New York night life plans include a concert? The city boasts such storied venues as Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, the Metropolitan Opera and Carnegie Hall. Hundreds of more intimate musical settings dot New York's neighborhoods, and it's not unknown for major artists to pop into smaller places for a set or two after playing one of the big halls.

You'll find clubs featuring every style and genre of music to provide the soundtrack for your New York night life adventure: jazz, rock, hip-hop, soul, funk, classical, new wave, old wave, you name it. And you don't necessarily need to be of legal drinking age; many New York night life spots are open to all ages or teenagers, as well.

New York night life can be a great for a few belly laughs at one of the dozens of comedy clubs throughout the city. You'll find national and local comics doing their shtick on these stages.

What New York night life foray would be complete without a meal? From fine dining to pizza by the slice, the Big Apple will fill you up with some of the best food in the world. You're not bound by the dinner-time bell, either. There are plenty of places to satisfy those late-night or early-morning munchies.

And as the song goes, the neon lights are bright on Broadway. Or Times Square, Rockefeller Center and the velvet-rope nightclub hot spot where you hope the doorman deems you worthy of entry. Take a budget-friendly New York night life stroll through these blazing districts, especially during the holiday season, when it seems the entire city is garlanded with mind-blowing lights and displays. It's a great time to grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, sit at a street-side table and watch the neon-bathed crowds walk by.

No story about New York night life would be complete without a mention of Greenwich Village, where you can find a microcosm of the city's myriad nightlife options in the West Side neighborhood. Though the residential areas now cater to the middle- and upper-class demographic, you can still experience the vestiges of the Village's once-Bohemian lifestyle in its coffee shops, small theaters and street performances.

When planning your trip, consider your New York night life plans when booking your lodging. You might be able to find a hotel, a bed and breakfast, or a hostel right in the middle of the action you're seeking.

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