Mafia Wars Cake Jailbreak Event will break from the slammer soon

Cake Jailbreak
Cake Jailbreak

With the Serial Assassins gifting event soon to end and everyone stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner, Zynga will soon be adding an extra sweet gifting event Mafia Wars. Titled "Cake Jailbreak," this event will operate just like those before it. Players will have three cakes--a Birthday Cake, Wedding Cake and Cupcakes--stuffed with escape tools to gift between their friends that will most likely be released over a week's time.

Each cake will have three levels of Mastery and an item attached to it that will grow as you gain Mastery in each given cake. Gifting each cake will be as easy as sending them out from the Free Gifts page. Master all three pastries completely and you'll win Mugshot, a pump shotgun with a beastly 95 Attack and 136 Defense. Stay tuned to Mafia Wars for when this new event releases and right here for more details.

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