It Girl travels to France with new Paris location unlocked

It Girl Paris
It Girl Paris

In a long overdue location unlock, Crowdstar's It Girl has finally released the first set of Paris stores. These new French stores allow you to buy new looks, go to new parties, unlock new collections, and explore new areas and deck out your avatar like a Parisian girl. The only main issue with this is that you have to be level 45 because you can gain access to the new area. Because of this, we don't have too much details to provide you - but if you are lucky enough to be high enough in level to access Paris, you can share details in the comments!

Along with the new location, there are three new couture limited edition items that are available to players of all levels. The new items are the Tres Chic Parisian Dress for 51 Facebook Credits, the Frenchie Zig Zag Booties for 55 Facebook Credits, and the Parisian Beret Hair for 39 Facebook Credits. This is the first time we have seen a hair item in the limited edition couture store.

All in all, it looks like It Girl's trip to Paris is elegant, and if you're high in level you should enjoy this new unlocked location.