Hotel City hosts huge 25% off sale for 48 hours

Hotel City Playfish Cash sale
Hotel City Playfish Cash sale

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are definitely the time for sales, and if you're a Facebook gamer who doesn't mind spending money in games, you can get a great deal around this time of year. Today, Playfish has kicked off a 48 hour sale that gives great discounts on your favorite Playfish Cash items in Hotel City.

For the next 44+ hours, all Playfish Cash items in Hotel City will be 25% off. This means items, rooms, and everything else in the store. Regardless of what you want in the store, you'll see the old price crossed off, and a new discounted price shown instead. This appears to be a Cyber Monday-inspired sale, although it's continuing throughout tomorrow as well so you'll have a bit of extra time to spend your cash.

Perhaps you want to check out the new sweet candy themed rooms and decorations? Or maybe you'd like to buy the Vegas casino items to go with your free Casino room? The choice is yours, but as long as you purchase within the next 44 hours or so, you'll get a sweet 25% discount.

Do you still play Hotel City, or are you bored with the game? Tell us in the comments!