Hiring in Health Care Slowing Down -- For Now

Health care hiring isn't all rosy, at least not right now.

In Wisconsin, for example, the number of new jobs created in hospitals has slowed and shortages that were difficult to fill have lessened, reports the 2010 Hospital Workforce Report published by the Wisconsin Hospital Association. This is the first slowdown in about 20 years. So, no field is invulnerable to an alignment of supply and demand. Or even an eventual glut.

Down the road, especially if the recovery picks up steam, the hiring situation in health care will likely improve again. That's primarily because, at least in Wisconsin, 20 percent of workers in the health care field are at retirement age and 50 percent of nurses are more than 50 years old. In a growth economy, they could feel secure enough to leave full-time jobs for part-time, temporary, or no work.

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