Fun at Work Can Actually Be a Downer

A growing number of companies, such as Acclaris and TD Bank, like to be known as "fun" places to work, documents The Economist. Acclaris even has a chief fun officer. TD Bank has installed a "Wow" department that cooks up fun things to do to celebrate the achievements of the work force.

The problem is that not everyone is cut out for all this fun, at least not at work and especially not if you have demanding tasks to attend to. Just as you're zeroing in on a solution for a customer problem, your fun-loving colleagues might plant themselves in your cubicle, insisting that you learn to laugh more.

You might have to cope with the fun by bringing work home. Much worse could be trying to avoid joining in the merriment -- which could get you labeled as not fitting into the organizational culture, blocking promotions and perhaps even leading to being canned.

Eventually, some group of no fun employees who perceived themselves as harmed by the fun values might file a class action lawsuit against their employer. The legal complaint might allege that because they didn't blow horns, don clown caps, and snake around in a conga line every time their colleagues made a sale they were denied raises, transferred to the equivalent of corporate Siberia, and were cut in the first round of layoffs.

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