FrontierVille: Zynga Message Center now available for streamlined gift requests

Zynga has finally rolled the Zynga Message Center out into a game that we can all be very happy about - FrontierVille. No longer will we have to accept each ribbon or free meal one by one, as we can now simply click on the red and white Z in the top right corner of the FrontierVille game page to see the menu like the one above, letting you accept all gifts in a streamlined fashion without ever clicking away from the game!

For those with no experience with the Zynga Message Center, this menu will allow you to accept not only the free gifts that your friends have sent to you, but you'll also be able to act on Help Requests - "Can you send me a XX?" - in a much quicker fashion as well.

Unfortunately, accepting a gift in the Zynga Message Center does not remove that request from your Facebook gift requests page, but you can easily go back and hit the "Ignore" button on each of those if you'd like to de-clutter the space.

If you don't have the ZMC in FrontierVille just yet, be patient, as it will be rolling out to users over time.

Do you have the Zynga Message Center in FrontierVille? What other games would you like Zynga to implement the feature into? Let us know in the comments.