FrontierVille's Snowy Land: Cover your homestead in frosty flakes

Snowy Land
Snowy Land

Fortunately, Zynga is not referring to the bladed cereal of death that plagues children around the globe. What it does mean, however, is the opportunity to transform your homestead into a winter wonderland thanks to the Snowy Land option in the FrontierVille Market. This new item requires you to either invite 10 new friends or unlock it early with a fat 30 Horseshoes.

Snowy Land includes the option to "Skip" the friend requirement, but we imagine this will lock you out of adding friends to make this item available. If you're going the traditional route, FrontierVille Info recommends you add friends through the option in the Market to make sure they count toward unlocking the item. With the amount of Holiday-themed content that's been added over the past few days, it's only fitting that you do it up in wintry style.

[Via FrontierVille Info]

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