FrontierVille Holiday Mystery Animals adorably appear on the scene

FrontierVille Holiday Mystery Animals adorably appear on the scene
Bow Polar Bear
Antlers Penguin
Santa Hat Sugar Glider

While we discovered them last week, the Holiday Mystery Animals in FrontierVille have been MIA until now. Thankfully, Zynga just introduced the three brand new varieties of Mystery Animals: Penguins, Polar Bears and Sugar Gliders (Brandy hit that one right on the nose). Each Mystery Animal Crate will cost 50 Horseshoes, or around $6, and will have a chance of containing one of nine animals:

  • Pink, White or Yellow Polar Bear

  • Black, Blue or White Penguin

  • Black, Brown or White Sugar Glider

While it appears that you can't buy some of these Mystery Animals individually like before, there are three much more festive Mystery Animals available as reward from Part III of the recently released Winter's a Comin' Goals. They include the Antlers Penguin, Bow Polar Bear and Santa Hat Sugar Glider. Although it's far more work to get to that point repeatedly, at least these special Mystery Animals only cost a few thousand coins. Like the rest of the FrontierVille Christmas Item collection, these cutesy critters will be on the homestead for another 37 days. So, feel free to take your time collecting these, but make sure you have cash leftover to buy your loved ones a little somethin', will ya?

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What do you think of these brand new Mystery Animals, especially those from the Winter's a Comin' Goal? Which one is your favorite? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.