The FrontierVille Christmas Items shopping spree begins today

FrontierVille Christmas Items
FrontierVille Christmas Items

Be ready to whip out those virtual shopping carts as Zynga has finally released a long list of Christmas decorations in FrontierVille. Hinted at earlier this week, there are items available that go for both coins and Horseshoes. Here's a full list of what you'll find in the Market:

- Snow Fox: 2375 coins
- Pile o' Snowballs: 5130 coins
- Candy Cane Fence: 475 coins, 50 wood
- Luminaire: 1805 coins
- Lawn buck: 2565 coins, 50 wood
- Yellow Snow: 2280 coins, 20 wood
- Tangled Lights: 3230 coins
- Lighted Sign: 2280 coins, 20 wood
- Mistletoe: 40 Horseshoes
- Santa's Chair: 25 Horseshoes
- Lawn Rudolph: 6 Horseshoes
- Train Set: 23 Horseshoes
- Red Luminaire: 5 Horseshoes
- Green Luminaire: 5 Horseshoes
- Red Nutcracker: 18 Horseshoes
- Green Nutcracker: 18 Horseshoes
- Sack o' Gifts: 22 Horseshoes
- Lawn Deer: 40 Horseshoes
- Snow Jack: 40 Horseshoes

These items will be here well past the holidays and into next year (38 days, to be exact), so that should give you some time to recover after this year's shopping season. Well, we mean financially--if you end up drinking a tad too much eggnog, not much we can do for you there.

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