FarmVille: Gift box capacity increasing to 500

FarmVille Gift Box 500
Good news for you farmers with a packed gift box - more space is coming soon! An increased FarmVille gift box capacity is slowly rolling its way out to all FarmVille players, and many of you might already see this feature released in your game. Previously, the highest capacity for gifts was only 200, so this is a huge upgrade that more than doubles your available space for gift storage.

This increased space probably has its ups and downs. First, it means that you'll have more pages of gifts, and we all know that paging through gifts to find the one you want is already a little bit of a pain. It could also mean that whatever FarmVille has up its sleeve for this holiday season means sending and receiving a lot of gifts. That could be a good or a bad thing, but it is the season for gifting after all. This is a pretty great holiday present from Zynga, and we're definitely not going to complain about the extra space!

Do you have your increased gift box storage yet? Tell us in the comments!
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