The next Facebook MMO will take social gamers to 'A Mystical Land'

A Mysitcal Land gameplay
A Mysitcal Land gameplay

And like brave adventurers to yet another randomly placed, dark and dank dungeon, here come the MMOs. Oregon-based developer Mad Otter Games and Berlin games publishers Neonga announced today the fruit of their recent partnership is a 3D Facebook MMO. Titled "A Mystical Land", the game is a traditional fantasy-MMO through and through, but with a social twist. For instance, it will include several common class archetypes like Wizards, Warriors and Healers while infusing social and sharing mechanics throughout. And what would a traditional fantasy MMO be without monsters to slay, quests to complete and loot to collect? Well, Mad Otter claims to have that and more in spades.

However, Neonga claims that the game will be much more approachable than traditional MMOs have been in the past with casual gaming elements like crafting, fishing and gardening. (They had to fit it in somewhere, didn't they?) "Mad Otter has strived to keep 'A Mystical Land' easy to play and understand for players, while layering the deeper gameplay so that players discover it as they become familiar with the game," Mad Otter CEO Damon Slye says.

While the game will be playable on multiple platforms aside from Facebook including mobile devices, players will be able to publish their achievements and find their Facebook friends through Facebook Connect. And although this certainly isn't the first 3D MMO announced for Facebook, it could very well be the first designed specifically around the platform from scratch. Mad Otter is accepting beta test applications right now for next year, so trek on over if you want to journey to A Mystical Land in 2011.

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