Carlos Flores: Accidental Subway Hero Didn't Want To Be Late for Work

Carlos FloresCarlos Flores, a New York subway rider, became an accidental hero. That's when he jumped from the subway platform onto the tracks to save a man who had fainted, reports Reuters.

Possibly, though, Flores will be remembered in history more for the reason why he was so courageous. That was: Flores didn't want to be late for work and miss his time-and-a-half overtime pay. It was Sunday, with the trains on a reduced schedule.

That meant that if the man had been run over by a train or if the train had to be delayed to remove him, Flores might have lost an hour or maybe much more of his work shift. That would have hit him hard in the pocketbook since his Sunday pay is time-and-a-half.

Forever, Flores could be embedded in the American memory bank as the Poster Boy for The Great Recession. That was when the working man did whatever it took to earn a living.

The folklore that might build around Flores likely will leave out the reality that he could have been fried on the tracks by the 600 volts of the subway's third rail. The Metro Transit Authority, notes Reuters, warns other potential Good Samaritans of the peril of taking any heroic leaps.

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