Cafe World Baby Shower Catering Order: Everything you need to know

While most Facebook games might have already transitioned fully into holiday celebrations, Zynga has chosen to celebrate another wonderful occurrence in life by adding a new Catering Job to Cafe World that asks users to cater a Baby Shower.

Meet us behind the break for all of the details you need to know on how to finish this catering order, and what you'll receive as a prize if you do.

The Baby Shower asks you to finish a whopping six tasks, three of which are cooking specific meals, and three of which are collecting items from friends.

For the food portion of the Catering Order, you'll need to serve Angel Fruit Cake 113 times, BBQ Chicken 138 times, and Creme Fraiche Caviar 75 times. All of these tasks can be completed either by your lonesome, or with the help of friends, by asking up to 10 of your friends to join you in helping with this catering job. You'll do so by clicking on the "Ask for help!" button in the menu, as seen below.This will let you send requests to your friends to ask them to join your catering crew.

While you're waiting for food to cook, you can go about the task of collecting the other three parts of this job, that being collecting 10 Bottles, 10 Pacifiers and 5 Rattles. Like with other catering jobs, you'll simply need to click on the "Ask" button next to the item you need and then send gift requests to your friends in the hopes that they will send the item to you.

This job starts at a three day time limit, and if you can finish the job within the first three days, you'll earn a 3-Star reward, which equates to 12 catering points, 7,560 Cafe Points, 113,400 coins, and an automatic unlock of the Finger Sandwiches recipe. 2-Star and 1-Star ratings, then, give you less catering points, Cafe Points, and coins, and do not come with access to the Finger Sandwiches recipe.

If you don't think that you'll be able to complete one of these steps in time, you can unlock them for Cafe Cash. The food dishes cost anywhere from 20 to 24 Cafe Cash to unlock (this unlocks the entirety of that particular dish that is required, not just a single serving). The collectible items, though, can only be purchased individually, at a rate of 2 Cafe Cash per individual item (50 Cafe Cash in total, if you chose to go this route).

Remember, with the updated Cafe World Catering system, you can start any job any time you'd like (so long as you have the Catering Points necessary), but if you want the best chance at a 3-Star rating on this job, it would probably be best to start it now, while your friends are probably tackling it as well.

Will you try to complete the Baby Shower catering order, or are you still trying to finish some of the other Catering orders in the game? Let us know what you think of this job in the comments.
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