Woman Wears Bikini Through LAX Airport Security

As thousands of passengers dealt with full-body scans and pat-downs at Los Angeles International Airport last week, one young woman breezed right through security wearing only a bikini.

Corinne Theile tells NBC-LA she's not part of any organized protest, but does object to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) policies on passenger screening.

"It's not that I'm concerned, it's that I feel like the TSA is making travelers feel uncomfortable, and I feel like we can have security measures that don't make people feel uncomfortable," she says.

The bikini, she adds, seemed a logical solution to avoiding those measures.


"I'm hoping by wearing a bikini they will see everything they need to see and we can avoid a pat-down," Theile tells the TV station before opening her coat to display a black two-piece.

"Every time I go through security I always say, 'I don't even know why I got dressed this morning.' I end up taking off belts, jewelry and everything else off anyway," Theile says.

So how did the TSA at LAX react?

Theile reports the TSA agents got a laugh out of her outfit.

"The woman looked at me and said, 'Girl, you wearing a bikini. Come right through.' She had a big smile on her face," Theile says. "I think this might be the way I travel from here on out. So, we'll see."

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