Treasure Isle's Design a Holiday Item Contest chills the creative juices

Treasure Isle's Design a Holiday Item Contest
Treasure Isle's Design a Holiday Item Contest

With yet another holiday upon us (Seriously, where do these things come from?), Zynga has decided that it wants its loyal players of Treasure Isle to design the ultimate Holiday item in another plainly titled event, the Design a Holiday Item Contest. Running today through Dec. 7 at midnight, players can submit up to three images of their item design to the contest's official forum thread.

What's even better is that Zynga will accept nearly any type of design whether it be digital, drawn in ink or whatever you fancy creative types come up with. The top three designs, chosen by the Treasure Isle Team, will be digitized and added to the Market in-game. As for the winning designers, you'll win once of each item design and a hefty 100 Island Cash. If you think you can flex your creative muscle as hard as the folks who get paid to do it, then give it a shot this holiday. All you have to lose is practice time, which we all could afford to lose more of.

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