Taxi Cab Driver Confesses to Scamming Passengers

Cabbie Joseph Kastner sang like a bird to the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission [TLC] about ways passengers are cheated, reports New York Post.

The problem is that some, including the TLC, question if Kastner, who was arrested last September in an overcharging sweep, is making up most of it to "buy" a lighter sentence. However those close to the world of cabbies say that Kastner's tale makes crooked sense.

Kastner contends that back in the garage taxicab drivers educate each other on scams that work, at least on newcomers to New York who don't know their way around. The most ridiculous scheme was to charge riders for heat in the cab.

But, according to Kastner, there are plenty of others. They include simply overcharging for rides from the airport, often as much as double the normal $45 flat fare. Then there is the practice of playing around with the meter to add on tolls for bridges and surcharges for peak hours, before or after peak hours. Of course, there's also the old standby of taking the long way around.

If true however, most of this is classified as petty crime.

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