Social City: Save the Windows Phone promo link for 2 free City Bucks daily

Social City: You got more City Bucks!
Social City: You got more City Bucks!

If you remember the Windows Phone 7 promotion in Social City, you'll recall that players are suppose to get a free City Buck for every time they viewed a Windows Phone commercial, and are allowed up to "2 video views per day." This ensured 2 free daily City Bucks, but the video was only advertised on Page C (the Financial News section) of the Social City in-game newsletter. And then, shortly after, the advertisement disappeared, and with it, we assumed the freebie deal was gone too.

But that freebie offer is back today! And following the return of the offer is a hot tip from a game-savvy and generous player, Nunofrc, who left a comment saying that all you need to get the free daily City Bucks offer, is to save and run the link to the videos -- here's that link.

Click on the link when you're already playing Social City. Doing so will launch a Windows Phone commercial in the form of a YouTube video. After the video has played all the way through, you'll get a message from the game that your free City Buck has arrived. Repeat this, and you've got 2 free City Bucks!