Pet Society WWF Christmas Carolers bring holiday tunes and a good cause

WWF Christmas Carolers
WWF Christmas Carolers

Just like that, the carolers are already out at night, singing the joys of the holiday season that's upon us. (Can you tell that I love Christmas?) In Pet Society, replace those carolers with terribly cute, endangered species and you got yourself an adorable gift set with a cause. The Word Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Playfish have joined forces once to bring us the cutest digital animals with a chance to donate to help save endangered animals everywhere. Here is the foursome you can find in the Boutique:

  • Penguin on Piano: 12 Playfish Cash

  • Baby Polar Bear on Vocals: 11 Playfish Cash

  • Baby Penguin on Backup Vocals: 11 Playfish Cash

  • Polar Bear on Cello: 12 Playfish Cash

With their adorable faces, strangely opposable thumbs and musical talents combined, this quartet will bring real Christmas tunes to your home. In other words, you need to buy all four for their music to play. Most importantly, however is that for each purchase of these animals or the 40 Playfish Cash box set, Playfish will donate 10 percent of the proceeds to the WWF. Keep in mind that 10 percent isn't necessarily a lot from either about $8 for the set or $2.50 individually, but there is strength in numbers. Especially in four absolutely charming critters who are already more talented than most of us.

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Will you be picking up this set of caroling cuties? What other musical items would you like to see in Pet Society? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.