New FarmVille Winter Animal: Gypsy Horse


There had been talk for some time about the release of a Gypsy Horse in FarmVille, but after seeing leaked images of the horse, we weren't sure when exactly (if ever) the animal would actually be coming to the game.

In a rare non-Tuesday/Thursday update, however, Zynga has officially launched the Gypsy Horse in the game, as part of the current Winter Holiday limited edition item theme. For those that are simply amused by the name, know that the Gypsy Horse is an actual variety of horse - meaning that real-world horse lovers will probably be more than willing to purchase one of these beautiful animals for the game's asking price of 26 Farm Cash.

What's more, we have it on good authority that the Gypsy Horse will be able to produce a Gypsy Foal, if placed inside the Horse Stable and given the chance to breed.

The Gypsy Horse will be available for the next 26 days.

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Will you purchase a Gypsy Horse to add more variety to your horse collection in FarmVille? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments.