New FarmVille Mystery Game for the week of November 28


In a rare move, Zynga has updated the FarmVille Mystery Game before the regular Tuesday night time limit. Fear not, however, if you didn't have a chance to pick up one of the White Unicorns available in the previous Mystery Game, as this week offers something that you might like even better.

The contents of this week's Mystery Game are all about the new Winter Holiday season, and contain some items that we talked to you about as sneak peeks. The contents of the Mystery Game have been confirmed as the following:

Candy Unicorn
Winter Reindeer
Winter Ferris Wheel
Winter Sleigh
Winter Fountain
Arctic Hare

All of these items seem to be exclusive to the Mystery Game, which costs a whopping 24 Farm Cash to play this week, up from the 16 Farm Cash price you might have been expecting. Still, with the chance at another Unicorn, and the news that Unicorns will soon be breedable, it might be worth the expense. You'll have the next 6 days to decide that for yourself, before this round expires from the store.

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What do you guys think? Will you spend the 24 Farm Cash for a chance at a Unicorn, or one of these exclusive Winter Holiday decorations / animals? Let us know in the comments.